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Birch Forest

Rather than just offering dubious “green” credentials, Wrights core values are based on products that are from renewable resources, recyclable for the full life cycle of the product. Low emission processing, CO2 sink raw material and non-toxic products offer a real alternative to high emission steel, aluminium and plastics. Other family entities invest in forest growing in the State of Victoria.



Wrights are undertaking certification with Australian Forestry Standard “AFS” which is endorsed by the international Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification “PEFC”. As founding members of the Australian Timber Importers Federation “ATIF”     we abide by their Code of Conduct. Our procurement policy is endorsed by “ATIF”.

Procurement Policy


Wright Forest Products is committed to sourcing their timber products from certified sustainable forest resources and processors.  Wright Forest Products, it’s principals and agents, recognize the chain of custody certification system, and the independent qualification of lawfully managed forests as the most effective tools in the procurement of timber from sound and verifiable origins.
Wright Forest Products acknowledges national and international schemes that promote environmentally responsible forestry and supply chain continuity of legally harvested resource, such as PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes).

Wright Forest Products market and distribute certified Nordic softwoods throughout Australia on behalf of a limited number of specialized manufacturers and processors based in the Baltic’s and central Europe. Our particular emphasis is on production from Finland and Estonia.