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Wright Forest Products | Lunawood JuAn Clip® Decking is HERE!
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Lunawood JuAn Clip® Decking is HERE!

Lunawood JuAn Clip® Decking is HERE!

Who needs quick, affordable and stylish decking? Everyone!

Lunawood thermowood® is particularly suitable for the Clip JuAn® fastening system thanks to the fact that it is very stable and durable.

Lunawood thermowood® also meets the needs for an environmentally friendly raw material.

See below for just some of the reasons you should be using Clip JuAn® with Lunawood thermowood® on your next project!

  • Saves even up to 70 % of the building time
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Invisible fastening system, no screws visible
  • Very cost-effective compared to the total costs
  • Works also for cladding
  • Clip JuAn® is a totally invisible fastening system, no screws are visible.
  • Thanks to the heat treatment Lunawood thermowood® is much more stable than traditional wood.
  • In addition, Clip JuAn® is flexible and supports the slight movement of the wood in stead of preventing it.
  • The necessary grooves needed for Clip JuAn reduce the nerves of the wood.
  • The strip prevents the plank from removing from the groove.
  • When wood is strong enough this value increases up to 160 kg.
  • Since there is a free space of 5 mm between the plank and the joist, the system offers a very good ventilation and prevents the moisture and micro-organisms.

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  • Tulsi

    05.05.2017 at 04:45

    I love this website – its so useful and helpful.